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    Why download Paybookclub App and sign up now?

    Did you know the photos and video you post on Facebook can make you some hard cash?

    Don‘t you think it is time you stopped wasting your life on social media, donating your photos, video and other valuable content in your posts, while the big corporations make all the money?

    30% of Facebookers we asked agree and think they must be paid for their contribution of media and time.

    Think and think again if you should let the social media continue to exploit you when paybookclub will monetize your content in the content marketplace while you share and interact with your friends.

    How is Paybookclub different from Facebook?

    There are no FAKE accounts as Paybookclub is a mobile App and not on the internet.
    Paybookclub will build your network of real people by a sophisticated profile matching.
    You can interact and chat and share your thoughts, photos, video and much more with psychologically and socially matched members.

    You can choose your public profile Name and Image and remain anonymous if you wish.

    You can sponsor others to build your customer group or followers and easily tweet or send message to the entire group. Paybookclub offers the best of social media.

    Paybookclub will let you have all the fun and will pay you cash in to your bank account for your likes, shares and comments you make on your friend‘s posts.
    In addition, you get free coupons, free games and other services.

    Paybookclub will (at your choice) monetize your status posts in the content marketplace.

    Paybookclub will let you post, apart from your photos and video, a variety of content which can be monetised in a content hungry market of web masters, SEO specialists and media publishers.

    How will Paybookclub pay you for your content?

    Paybookclub employs multiple channels of monetising your content like the Content Box which can monetise on hundreds of web sites.

    Paybookclub will enhance the value of your content by encouraging your friends and the community by cash incentives for their likes, comments and shares, for a natural process of curation and value discovery of your content.

    The platform will generate revenue for the Money Pool by multiple channels like advertising to make the pay out for your Content and other rewards.

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  • paybookclub is a social network on mobiles in the making. Please keep checking this space to see how we progress and make your suggestions below.

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